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Reimagine Australia, formerly know as Early Childhood Intervention Australia (ECIA), has been leading the early childhood sector in embedding best practice and inclusive systems design for over 35 years.

Our aim is to ensure that families of young children have responsive and equitable access to services and supports so that every child has every opportunity to reach their potential. We seek to do this by supporting families and early childhood professionals with up-to-date information and tools to support children to realise the best possible outcomes. We work hard to strengthen public policy and programs by promoting the interests of families and professionals to government.



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Meet the Team


Yvonne Keane AM
Conference Chair

Yvonne is a highly awarded and transformative leader and provocateur across the no-for-profit sector, and has garnered a reputation for making the seemingly ‘impossible’, possible. She is relentless in the pursuit of social equity for the most vulnerable in our society, through innovative solution.

Yvonne has founded several successful sector-leading service organisations that provide responsive and life-changing support for those who need it.

Yvonne’s experience as an AuDHD woman and mother of two children with disability, grounds her work as CEO of Reimagine Australia, where she strives to ensure that every child has every opportunity to meet their full potential.



Dr Genevieve Johnsson
Content Committee Chair

Genevieve is a psychologist with over 15 years’ of experience in the early childhood disability sector and is an affiliate with the Centre for Disability Research and Policy at the University of Sydney.

Genevieve conducts research across a variety of areas, including community participation and inclusion, rural and remote service access and the role of telepractice in providing quality support.

Genevieve is deeply committed to translating research into practical tools that can be utilised by early childhood practitioners to better support children with disability and their families.


Domenica Decrea
Impact & Innovation Director

Domenica works to dismantle access and inclusion barriers that marginalise disabled people, their families, communities, and service support systems.

In 2020 she was recognised as a Top 20 Social Entrepreneur by the Australia ASEAN Council within The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for the Australia Federal Government for her advocacy and social entrepreneur work across the region.

Domenica is passionate about helping people understand the mechanics of systems of oppression and the ways they can individual and collectively organise and advocate for social change.